Live, Love, Read by Lilly Kiel

The sense of community in publishing is questioned. Depending on the publisher and the writer, many people can lack the communal aspect of publishing. But some experience it throughout their whole publishing journey. One of the readings we did about diversity in Literary Publishing in the Twenty First Century gives an example of publishing and diversity... Continue Reading →

We Need Diverse Books and Authors

By: Alicia Hughes I find it quite peculiar that the publishing industry is still struggling to bring in diversity to their companies. I mostly find it peculiar because of the students I've seen in my creative writing classes. A great majority of them are women; from all different races, cultures, and orientations. So why is... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Care For Shopping

There is this wonderful feeling when you walk into a bookstore. I have a Barnes and Noble near where I live, and that's where I frequent when I need something new to read. On days when it's nice out, there is actually a little cart of books sitting out front of the store. Then you... Continue Reading →

I Ain’t Got No Papercuts

I was a very odd child. While reading books in elementary school, I would tear little pieces from the book and eat it while reading. The best bits were the soft covers of the Harry Potter books. Looking back onto my collection of Harry Potter, lining the shelves among other fantastical stories, the covers are... Continue Reading →

Stop the Presses!: Information Overload

by: Imani Simpson   When thinking about the seemingly endless way of getting media to the public today it’s almost unbelievable that scribes once dedicated their lives to producing manuscripts by hand. While the readers of the early nineteenth century “did not have enough money, leisure or access to… support a literary culture” (McVey) the... Continue Reading →

How Technology Advances Plagiarism

No matter how advanced literary publishing becomes, there will always be piracy. Does the advancement of technology have a correlation with piracy? Looking back at the articles From Gutenberg to the Internet, and Nineteenth Century America: Publishing in a Developing Country, there are instances in which it is proven that technology can in fact cause... Continue Reading →

“Take A Chance On Me”

by Heather Clark Publishing and writers. They seem to go a bit hand-in-hand. But as we dove into the past of the publishing industry, we found that that is not always the case. The snippet “From Gutenberg to the Internet” discussed the very beginnings of the printing press. While it didn’t really talk about the... Continue Reading →

Letters as Small as a Thumb Tack

Here I am sitting writing this blog entry on my laptop and I can’t even comprehend that I can print something as easy as moving my fingers, a fact that hundreds of years ago was a luxury.  In the mid-1400s life forever changed when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which wasn’t a very easy... Continue Reading →

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