A Writer’s Best Friend

As a writer, it’s all good and fun to image becoming published one day. Personally, I am a writer and think about this day often. A beautiful gown, long nails, hair done up with small ringlets falling around my face. I imagine myself  smiling as people comment on my book, how they love it. Then... Continue Reading →


Though they be but little, they are fierce.

The Gandy Dancer is an literary magazine run by undergraduate students at SUNY Geneseo. While they are run by a small public university, they know how to make a big impact and they do so by publishing both in print and online as well as encouraging students from the entire network of SUNY schools -... Continue Reading →

Easy Does It: A Black Betty Review

Walter Mosley tells an engrossing story in his mystery novel Black Betty, a book about L.A. based Private Investigator Ezekiel ‘Easy' Rawlins who is searching for childhood acquaintance Betty, a woman at the center of a far-reaching mystery complete with suspense and murder. Mosley demonstrates how much good world-building and character development can benefit an... Continue Reading →

The Wizard’s First Rule

The Wizards First Rule is that "people will believe anything is true, so long as they want to believe it's true, or they are afraid it is true," or, as one Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander phrases it more succinctly, "people are stupid." It is also the title of the first book in the "Sword of Truth"... Continue Reading →

Just about everyone has heard of The Lord of the Rings, even if it is only from the movie(s) rather than the book(s) that they have heard of it.  Fewer, but still many, have heard of the books and their author, J.R.R. Tolkien, even if they have never read the books nor know what J.R.R.... Continue Reading →

Winona LaDuke: Stories from a Fangirl

In preparation for her talk here at SUNY Oswego, I recently had the pleasure of reading Winona LaDuke’s novel, The Winona LaDuke Chronicles: Stories from the Front Lines in the Battle for Environmental Justice. In this book, LaDuke compiled many of her stories about her life as an activist, economist, and Native American. She states,... Continue Reading →

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness takes over the late Siobhan Dowd's novel and makes it his own. A Monster Calls follows the life of Conor, a young boy who is trying to cope with the fact that his mother is dying of cancer. He continuously keeps being visited by the Monster-- a yew tree who says he is... Continue Reading →

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