A Girl Who is Obsessed With Words

I am a reader.a-book-a-week-image

That is just who I am, but maybe it would surprise you to say that I used to hate reading with a burning passion.

I would only read for points because in my elementary we had this program called accelerated reader in which we could get prizes based on our points. It was the elementary school’s way to get kids to read, because let’s face it what kid doesn’t want a prize? The big prize that everyone wanted? To each lunch with the principle, I don’t know why but that was the way it was. That program was the best thing for me from 1st grade until I transferred in 5th grade.

At my new school that program didn’t exist, I bet you can’t guess how disappointed I was to learn that. Well as you can imagine, without that program, I never picked up a book until one day I was bored out of my mind and decided to pick up Harry Potter. That book completely opened my world and I have never stopped reading since. If you see me in public, I am never without a book.

I am a writer.EPSON scanner image

This is also who I am, a part of me that I didn’t find until I met my best friend and she showed me that world.

When I first entered SUNY Oswego my dream was to get into the Zoology major and eventually become a vet. However, that dream didn’t work the way I wanted too and I became an English and Creative double major instead. It was an easy way out, I was/still am dealing with depression and anxiety and every which way I turned walls would be in front of me. So English and Creative Writing became an easy escape, but I don’t regret taking that path because it deepened my love of reading and writing.

I am a reader and a writer.429522_4673727917418_1496110776_n

Facts that anyone who knows me can contest to with 100% certainty.

Words, whether in book form or spilling from my head, make up part of who I am; they let me escape a world in which sometimes my mental illness or my personal life become to much. I am able to become someone, something, else in world that is completely different from my own. I am able to write my pain away or write a character that is part of me but no one knows that.

My advice is to find that in you, whether you are a reader or a writer or something else, find out who you are because if you are able to understand who you are, then you can find the rest of you.

So, who are you?


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  1. Lacey, you voice the appreciation and relief that many readers and writers feel. And I enjoyed the initial story about the reading “prizes” in elementary school. (We had something similar, called “Book-It,” which involved a button with stars and getting a free pizza at Pizza Hut.)

    Can you bring some of the specificity of the early part of the post to the second half? What books are you usually carrying around these days? What is one of those “world[s] that is completely different ” from your own?” You also might consider what role reading/writing will play after college, even as you move into a different career path.

    A couple word usage notes: I think you mean “hear” (not “say”) in your second paragraph. And, later in the post, you need “attest” rather than “contest” (they’re opposites!). Also, beware of the occasional comma splice (i.e. “At my new school that program didn’t exist, I bet you can’t guess how disappointed I was to learn that.”)


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