The Borderline

By: Marissa Specioso

When looking at several online publications, you may think of them as being a place to digitally publish literature. But what most readers may not realize is that arts play a huge role in publications too. In most cases, it has its own section on these webpages. For example, “The Offing” includes art throughout the website, but also has a section dedicated to the Arts. The art included is from all different medias with all different genres.

At SUNY Oswego, we have a printed publication that includes different genres of literature called “The Great Lake Review“. The Great Lake Review is a literary publication that also reaches out to artists on campus as well. This collaboration is a great way to reach across several departments around campus and add some visual interest to the publication. Without the artist’s work, the publication would have a plain cover, and a text based booklet. This publication is generated in the Writing department, but reaches out to the campus for submissions and help on the publishing end.

In the art department, the Downtown Artist Series was created in a similar way to combine literature and art, but more from an art perspective. The series starts with a well known artist having an exhibition in the downtown gallery. But before the artist displays their work, an art student, and an English student, both create work to reflect back on that artists work. This project is a great way to combine art and literature, and also with an established artist in a downtown space of Oswego. The art department are working to have the work created by the students and artist displayed on the “Downtown Artist Series” website (still under construction).

The Smart Neighbors Project is a great project that demonstrates the combination of not only visual art and literature, but also marketing management, sociology, and others. The Smart Neighbors Project was created to create a collaborative and multidisciplinary interaction between the SUNY Oswego campus and local independent businesses. This years Smart Neighbors project is included on the Digital Oz website. The project includes the local business, Man in the Moon Candies with Amy Stone-Lear, owner of the shop. Classes such as photography, marketing management, sociology, experimental film-making, sculpture, and literary citizenship. Faculty work with students to create this collaboration with a local business.

Without art, the world would probably be a boring simple world. Literature would just be words on a page. But when it comes to online publications, or even things like publication covers, art adds emotion and direction for a piece of literature. It is what helps draw in the reader and sets a tone for the written work they are about to read. Collaboration not only adds interest to both literature and imagery, but it creates connections with the writers and artists.

Working with the GLR, Smart Neighbors project, and Downtown Artist series from the literary perspective over these past couple of months have allowed me to see literature in a different perspective. I not only gained knowledge from the literary side of publication, but I was also able to give my input to the writers that work on the literary side of the publication. The connection between art and literature plays a larger role in my life now that I understand the connection between the two.


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