V for Vernacular: How to Overthrow the Bourgeois of the Publishing Industry (Revised)

Several literary theorists propose that literature can act as a tool of oppression against the working class. In today’s society it is not only the working class who are fighting to cast of their chains, but women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and those of religious minorities as well. The necessity of change is clear... Continue Reading →


Nasty Women

By Marissa Specioso Let me start by asking a question to the female readers, do you feel as if you are treated as equal as the men surrounding you? To my male readers, do you consider women to be equal to you and other men? This topic has caused a lot of controversy over the... Continue Reading →

Print it in Color, the color copy

As a college student, I can attest that printing color pages can get pricey. The library I had access to growing up only had four printers and colored pages were 75 cents a sheet. Eventually you learn to settle for black and white, all the while mourning the brilliance that could’ve been yours, if you’d... Continue Reading →

Should I include Diversity?

By Camillo Licata The other night, I had the privilege of being present for a fairly interesting conversation. I was playing games with two of my friends, who we’ll call B and R, and we were in a skype call. The subject of police officers came up, I don’t remember specifically how. I feel like... Continue Reading →

“Gatekeepers” and Other Foolish Notions

by Keshawn Mashore The Middle Ages, specifically the end of them, was a time in which the publishing industry produced books more painstakingly than what we are used to presently.  Hand copied manuscripts were the primary means of production, with books being far more tedious to make. This meant several things. There were generally fewer... Continue Reading →

By the Students for the Students

Francesca Leparik Across the United States there are 368 outlets of publication for undergraduate students. Most of which are run by students in the form of college literary magazines. The multitude of journals that allow students to publish their work shows that the love for the written word spans across the nation. And it starts... Continue Reading →

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