Outreach Projects

Check out 2017’s Outreach Projects for the Spring Semester!

Smart Neighbors Project

The Smart Neighbors Project is an ongoing collaborative and multidisciplinary effort between classrooms at SUNY Oswego and local independent businesses. Marissa Specioso and Lacey Rusaw are working on creating and producing a publication for the small business Man in the Moon Candies, located on W. 1st Street. The publication will include work from several classes such as photography, sculpture, filmaking, as well as others. The reception for the smart neighbors event will be April 11th at 5:30pm at Oswego State Downtown (W.1st St. & Bridge)

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night, held by SUNY Oswego’s LifeStyles Center, is one of our campus population’s most beloved weekly activities. Dozens of students (usually 70-100) show up at the Lake Effect cafe every Thursday night to relax and see some amazing student talent. This talent usually consists of singers and instrumentalists, but rarely writes. So, Sarah Pasquarelli, Kendall Richer and Kristina Rovison have decided to hold an event in order to diversify Open Mic Night. They will be reaching out to the English and Creative Writing departments in order to encourage writers to read their material at the April 20th Open Mic Night at 7pm. Students will also send their work to Kristina so we can have printed versions in the form of booklets or programs out on cafe tables for people to read along with. We are hoping that this event will result in more writers showing up to Open Mic Night every week so the campus can see their talent.

Campus Workshop

The creative writing majors here at SUNY Oswego are pretty familiar and comfortable with workshop-based classes. These students always are constantly getting work critiqued and receiving feedback from their professors and peers. Christina Bandru, Keshawn Mashore, Imani Simpson, and Rebecca Ziegler are holding a two-part workshop session, open to all students, regardless of their major. Students interested will email their work beforehand. The first session will be a workshop, and the second will be a reading so everyone can present their work. The final pieces will be published on a blog for everyone to see.

Revamping The Great Lakes Review Website

The Great Lake Review is SUNY Oswego’s literary journal. As a way to expand our journal Kirsten Staller, Alicia Hughes, Lilly Kiel, and Gabrielle Darling have collaborated to revamp the original website. The original website included basic contact information, but we have taken the new design a step further and included an archive of our previous issues, a blog of various Oswego students and professors who have been published recently and in various venues, as well as in-depth information on the Great Lake Review’s motto and our editors. We hope to continue to expand online and to someday include online publications of student work.

Check it out here!


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